6 Traditional Christmas Flowers

Dec 17, 2021 | Latest News

Traditionally, the glorious colour combinations of red, green and gold are associated with the festive period.  Bright, showy plants and flowers typify the season’s rich and inviting ambience – and of course, they’re stunning to look at too!

Here are our top 6 traditional Christmas flowers and plants to enhance your home.

  1.  Amaryllis

An absolutely stunning plant that originated in South and Central America.  It became popular in the UK as a Christmas plant because of its ability to bloom indoors throughout the winter period.  This is why the amaryllis has become a very popular gift to give at Christmas time over the years – and who wouldn’t be thrilled with that!

Their bright red, trumpet like flowers are big, bold and showy and can last for as long as 7 weeks as a plant and about 3 weeks as a cut flower.  Although traditionally, red amaryllis are sold at Christmas time, they are also available in white.

As a cut flower, they are stunning in bouquets and are often the centre piece of it, along with Christmas foliage.

  •  Poinsettia

The poinsettia is the most popular Christmas plant in the UK.  In fact, it’s estimated that over 8 million are sold in the UK every year.  It’s become an iconic winter plant, but is also available in white and pink.

Originally from Central America, it became popular in the UK because of its ability to flower in the winter time here – albeit indoors, in bright but not direct sunlight.  It’s become a staple in our Christmas home decoration armoury.

The red ‘flowers’ aren’t actually petals – they’re ‘bracts’, which are the upper leaves of the plant that turn from green to red during the winter.

  •  Azalea

The gentle azalea reflects femininity, temperance, softness and care and is very often the centre piece of a Christmas table decoration or surrounded by other winter foliage.  The azaleas blooms can last up to 4 weeks, which means that it will continue to give you an impressive show all throughout the Christmas period. 

  •  Red Roses

There is nothing more iconic in the Christmas flower sector than red roses.  Not only are they deemed the most romantic of all flowers, they certainly come into their own as the perfect flower to don any Christmas table or sideboard. 

Roses are staples in any Christmas bouquet, and when paired with other Christmas foliage, they are simply stunning.  Although they don’t last as long as other Christmas flowers, they hold their own with classy displays of bright red loveliness that warms the heart!

  •  Cymbidium Orchids

The long stems and elegant sway of the cymbidium orchid makes it a very popular choice in Christmas bouquets.  Originally from the Himalayan forests, it will only grow above cloud level and this is why it’ll only bloom in the winter. 

The cymbidium orchid will last up to 4 weeks as a cut flower, which makes it ideal as a floral display choice at Christmas time.  The most popular colour is white at this time of year – they are pretty, delicate and long lasting.

  •  Christmas foliage

Traditional Christmas foliage includes the archetypal pine cones,  red berries from the pyracantha bush, spruce, holly and ivy.  This beautiful foliage can bring the outside evergreen look into your home and can introduce the essence of Christmas into your decorations.  Not forgetting eucalyptus and mistletoe, there’s a huge, heart-warming selection of traditional Christmas flowers and plants on offer.

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