Real & Artificial Flowers: What are the benefits?

Apr 27, 2021 | Latest News

Whatever the occasion, flowers always help bring the finishing touch. It can be a difficult task knowing what flora you would like and whether your choice of flowers can withstand the duration you would like them to. In this case, you may be considering using artificial flowers over real flowers. Here are some points to consider…

Last longer

Artificial flowers are incredible when it comes to withstanding any signs of wear. They are a good solution to avoid wilting, drooping and discolouration. This is ideal for when they are required to be outdoors for long periods of time, need to set up prior to the occasion or are being handled a lot. This is not to say that fresh flowers cannot last. Many of our flowers are sourced from high-quality Dutch growers and are brought to us in specialist containers. This helps ensure they are in the best condition. We are more than happy to provide any advice you may need to help optimise your flowers’ condition.

Perfect match

It can be a challenge to find the perfect colour scheme for the occasion, this then makes finding the right type of flower to match even harder. With artificial flowers, there is an even greater variety of colour choices to suit your needs – this means that you can find the perfect colour match to correlate with your desired colour scheme. However, this is not a concern should you look to use us as your fresh flower supplier. We have a large variety of flowers, plants and sundries and we’re confident that you will find what you need.

High quality

It is a common misconception that if its artificial it will look fake, cheap and tacky. There are a variety of artificial flowers made from materials such as silk, latex, paper and foam all of which look and feel fantastic – you won’t realise they are not real. Issues usually arise when hiring artificial flowers – usually because they will not look ‘fresh’. The artificial flowers can appear tired and they will not compare to the fresh look of real flowers. It all comes down to sourcing your flora from a reputable seller. Here at Cheltenham & Gloucester flowers, our flowers are of the highest quality and freshness.

Affordable alternative

Flowers do not have to be expensive to look great! When choosing artificial flowers, you are not only will they last longer, but they can also cost a lot less than you expect. If you are looking for a lot of flowers or to recycle them for another occasion, you may find that artificial flowers are a great money-saving solution. On the other hand, with their high demand, artificial flowers are not necessarily the most affordable option. We offer our wonderful real flora, plants and sundries at a wholesale price, which allow our clients to buy at great prices whilst providing their customers with high-quality products.


The best way to remember a special occasion is through having a keepsake of it. Should you choose to display them, place some in a shadow box or fix them within resin – you will always be able to cherish them for many years to come. The great part about fresh flowers is that they too can be preserved but in even more ways! Smaller features from the flowers such as the leaves, petals and pollen can be turned into a lovely keepsake. No matter what, your wonderful flowers can be kept forever.

Amazing extra benefits of real flowers

Emotion Evoking

Real flowers will always have a sense of quintessential romance and charm. They have a wonderful scent that cannot be replicated by their artificial alternative. Floral scents can really help set a scene. Their intoxicating scent has had proven effects on humans including stress relief, anxiety relief and a higher sense of enjoyment. This is due to flowers helping the human brain stimulate chemicals such as Dopamine, Oxytocin and Serotonin – all of which are ‘happy’ chemicals.


The wonders of real flora do not stop. One of the best benefits they have is the fact that they are biodegradable. It is incredibly rewarding to actively help the environment. The biggest flaw of artificial flowers is that many of them are not biodegradable, therefore, using them can contribute towards problematic waste that will not degrade.

Here at Cheltenham & Gloucester Flowers, we appreciate how important it is to find the perfect floral solution for any occasion. That is why we are always here to discuss, source and provide the best flowers for you. Feel free to contact us today to see how we can help.