Crafting the Perfect Summer Wedding Bouquet

Apr 15, 2024 | Latest News

Crafting the Perfect Summer Wedding Bouquet with Cheltenham & Gloucester Flowers

Summer weddings embody a spirit of warmth, love, and vibrant colour and crafting the perfect summer wedding bouquet can be a difficult task! This beautiful season, with its long days and warm nights, offers a unique opportunity to celebrate your union amidst nature’s bounty. At Cheltenham & Gloucester Flowers, we cherish the role that flowers play in amplifying the joy and beauty of your special day. Below, we delve deeper into the nuances of selecting the perfect flowers for your summer wedding bouquet, ensuring that each choice reflects your personal narrative and the essence of the season.

Embrace the Season’s Best

Choosing seasonal blooms not only supports local growers but also ensures you get the most radiant and robust flowers. Summer’s floral spectrum is wide, including classics like Roses, which symbolise love and beauty, and Lavender, known for its calming fragrance and elegance. Exotic blooms like Orchids can add a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to your bouquet. Incorporating a variety of textures and types of foliage can also add depth and interest to your arrangement.

A Palette of Summer Shades

The colour scheme of your bouquet is a visual expression of your love story. Summer opens up a palette of endless possibilities – from the sun-kissed yellows and bold oranges to tranquil blues and purples. Don’t shy away from mixing and matching hues to create a bouquet that stands out. Soft pastels paired with vivid pops of colour can mirror the season’s dynamic contrast between calm and energetic moments.

Fragrance that Tells a Story

The scent of your bouquet can evoke memories and emotions, making it an integral part of your wedding day. While traditional choices like Roses and Lilacs offer a timeless appeal, consider incorporating herbs like Mint or Rosemary for a touch of earthiness and a nod to nature. The key is in creating a harmonious blend that complements, not overwhelms, the sensory experience of your day.

Shape and Structure

The architecture of your bouquet should reflect your personality and complement the style of your wedding. Beyond traditional rounds and cascades, consider a more natural, ‘just-picked’ look that resonates with the spontaneity of summer. An asymmetrical arrangement or a loose, wildflower bouquet can add a modern twist, reflecting the beauty of imperfection found in nature.

Weather-Proofing Your Blooms

Summer’s warmth, while beautiful, can pose a challenge to maintaining your bouquet’s freshness. Choosing hardy flowers and incorporating succulents or greenery can add resilience to your arrangement. Our experts at Cheltenham & Gloucester Flowers also recommend a last-minute assembly and ample hydration for the flowers to ensure they remain vibrant throughout the celebration.

Beyond the Bouquet

While the bridal bouquet is a centrepiece, the floral theme extends to the entire wedding decor. Consider how your bouquet flowers can be echoed in table arrangements, ceremony backdrops, and boutonnieres to create a cohesive floral narrative. Incorporating seasonal fruits or berries into these arrangements can add a unique touch, celebrating the abundance of summer.

In Conclusion

Your wedding bouquet is more than just a collection of flowers; it’s a personal statement, a work of art, and an integral part of your wedding day memories. By considering these expanded insights, you can ensure that your summer wedding bouquet is not only visually stunning but also a true reflection of your personal style and the joy of the season. Let Cheltenham & Gloucester Flowers guide you in creating a floral masterpiece that will become a cherished part of your love story.

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