Beginners Guide to Indoor Flowers: 8 of the Best

Aug 16, 2022 | Latest News

Flowers make the best decoration for our homes. They not only offer an array of exuberant colour for the aesthetic of your home, but also boost creativity, offer air purification and a reduction in stress. Here we list our twelve favourite indoor flowers for beginners!

Peace lily

The peace lily is the ultimate choice for those wanting to explore indoor flowers. You can simply tuck it in a corner and let its white, beautifully shaped flowers brighten up your indoor living space! The peace lily also offers natural air purification alongside its outstanding appearance, and is remarkably easy to take care of as it only needs watering once a week.


The kalanchoe has clustered flowers which vary in colour, and can bloom for several weeks. With a good level of care, you can truly enjoy its beautiful, bright flowers throughout the years. The kalanchoe hates soggy soil, but it’s important to make sure that it’s planted in soil that is well-drained and not watered too often. You kalanchoe will need at least six weeks of 12-14 hours in total darkness in order for it to properly develop flower buds.


Anthurium happens to be the world’s longest blooming plant! Its flowers can last for at least a couple of months in your home, and just as with peace lilies, anthurium’s leaves can purify indoor air. This remains one of the greatest indoor flowers for complete beginners because of the ease of care involved.

Christmas cactus

The interesting leaves of the Christmas cactus and pink and lilac tubular flowers found on them are likely to steal the spotlight. This winter flower plant can be the most exotic plant in your home, while being the easiest to care-for plant in your home.  


If you are beginners but love trumpet-like flowers and flowering bulbs, amaryllis presents the perfect option for someone like you. This is the easiest to grow among bulbs, and exhibits fantastic flowers, becoming a massively popular indoor flower.

Phalaenopsis orchid

You can spot the large, long-lasting flowers of this plant in many magazines for interior design. These enjoy a good quantity of indirect sunlight and tolerate plenty of low light conditions too. They do require specifical potting material like ground fir tree bark or bark chips mixed with control water and charcoal.

Lipstick plant

This plant is famous for its unusual flowers and the glossy foliage, starting with a red-brownish bud that emerges from a scarlet blossom. The elaborate display that is presented here is reminiscent of open lipstick, hence the name. As exotic as this plant seemingly is, it is remarkably easy to care for.

Flowering maple

Flowering maple is an indoor plant that grew in popularity during the Victorian period. However, the beauty of the bell-shaped flowers is well-renowned, and this is a perfectly low-maintenance plant too. It’s ideal to keep watering the flowering maple regularly to keep the soil as moist as possible, and keep them in light shade or full sun is enough to keep it happy.

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