The Art of Flower Arranging

Aug 21, 2020 | Latest News

Flower arranging is an art. Unfortunately, you can’t just throw some flowers together and hope they look astonishing from the offset, there is a technique to it. Today we are going to give you a little insight into the art of flower arranging.

The Colour Wheel

Throwing it back to the good old days of primary and secondary school art, the colour wheel is vital in providing balance, contrast and creating a beautiful colour palette to be visually enjoyed. Understanding how colours can complement one another is essential to flower arranging. From the use of primary colours, secondary colours and tertiary colours, to understanding the shades, tints and hues, there is a lot that goes into understanding what colours work together, and that is just naming a few of the methods that lead to the magic!

Elements of Design

Much like when re-decorating or designing your home, there are design elements that go into every bouquet of flowers. Light and Space are vital elements to create a professional looking bouquet, spacing allows light to peer through the stems and petals! This leads on to how using different sizes and shapes of flowers can provide dimension to your floral bouquet, providing interest and texture.

Other great tips to know about flower arranging:

  • Cut a bit of the stem – this will help with water absorption.
  • Set the large flowers first – it is easier to work round the large flowers and add smaller ones in the space available.
  • Don’t be scared to go monochromatic or bold – express yourself with your flowers!
  • Mix it up – try new placements, colours and flowers. Flower arranging is great fun!