The Healing Power of Flowers

Apr 12, 2022 | Latest News

The fragrancy and beauty of flowers doesn’t stop at the purely aesthetic. For centuries we have known about the healing properties of flowers, but this is often an overlooked feature that gets very little attention. Restoring mental and physical health can actually be accomplished by something as simple as a flower. This speaks to the incredible impact that nature’s creations can have on our lives, so if you haven’t already, accept them into your life! Outlined here are some flowers you can bring into your life to provide some of those all-important healing properties.

Lonicera flower

Otherwise known as Japanese honeysuckle, these flowers contain incredible antiseptic compounds alongside antiviral properties that are useful in treating any respiratory problems you might have. For this reason, if you have a cold, flu, or infection then honeysuckle is right for you! We recommend serving yourself a blend of lemon balm, Forsythia, and honeysuckle leaves taken from the vine in a hot tea at the first sign of a flu or cold. Flower essences made from the lonicera flower are seen as a useful form of aid in helping to let go of the past by releasing memories and allowing you to move forward in life.

Viola flower

The viola flower has therapeutic properties that are multitudinous. Antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties help those who use viola fight off toxicity and swelling, as well as bacterial infections. The viola has even been shown to reduce lumps, cysts, and fibrotic tissue, and are equally adept at fighting off colds or flu.


Passionflower has proven to be incredibly helpful in medicating against sleep issues and anxiety. It does this by boosting the critical levels of GABA in your brain, a compound that lowers certain areas of brain activity and helps you to relax and sleep peacefully. Participants who were involved in a study were asked to drink a herbal tea containing passionflower, and found that they reported significant improvements in the quality of sleep. So, if you suffer with insomnia or anxiety, give this one a try!


Lavender is famously used in essential oils for its healing properties and has also played a significant part in aroma therapy. This is because it has numerous positive therapeutic effects on your mental health and helps to restore proper sleep. This isn’t all, though; easing anxiety, deflating anger, and improving stress management are also all commonly reported effects. Lavender oil also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, so can help heal any minor bug bites or burns you might have.

St John’s Wort

Much has been written about the medicinal properties of St John’s Wort. As well as antiviral, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties, St John’s Wort also has healing effects on the mind and body in other ways. It has been used to treat physical issues such as wounds, bruises, varicose veins, sciatica and other nerve associated ailments. Moderate depression, negative thinking and mood swings are all also positively affected by St John’s Wort. Not to mention the possibilities for women’s health, with menopause-related symptoms being particularly helped by the flower!

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