The Perfect Flowers for your Christmas Wreath

Dec 16, 2022 | Latest News

We’ve always loved the look of a beautiful Christmas wreath, but we used to think it’s too much work to make one. That is until we discovered how easy it can be! Now, every December we make our own Christmas wreath from fresh flowers and greenery. In this blog we will help you choose the perfect flowers for your Christmas wreath.

Poinsettias are a great choice for traditional Christmas decor.
They are easy to grow, and you can find them at your local nursery in December. Poinsettias have been around since the 1800s and were named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, who discovered the plant and brought it to the United States from his travels in Mexico. Today, poinsettias are widely used during the Christmas season as decoration plants. They are often displayed on tables or hung up as garlands or swags over mantels or doors. Poinsettias can also be used to decorate wreaths and arrangements as well!

White pine branches make a great winter wreath
If you’re looking for a wreath that will last through the winter months, consider using white pine branches. These are a wonderful option for your Christmas wreath because they have an almost evergreen scent and look incredibly realistic. They can be found at most florists, but if you have trouble locating them in time for the holidays, try asking around your neighbourhood or posting a message on social media: A lot of people have leftover trees from their own holiday decorating that could help save your holiday season!

Use winterberry branches to add colour to your wreath.
Winterberry branches are another popular choice for adding colour to your wreath. They’re easy to find and come in a variety of colours, so you can choose whichever one matches your theme best. The berries themselves have a bright red hue that adds instant colour to the wreath when you use several sprigs. Winterberry branches also look good with other holiday greenery like pinecones, holly leaves and berries or evergreen boughs. You can find out the best places to find winter berried here. You can also add some gold accents if you want the wreath to pop even more!

Enhance your wreath with a few sprigs of red holly berries.
Holly is a traditional Christmas plant, and it’s easy to see why. The red berries look beautiful against the green leaves, and they really make your wreath stand out from the rest!
Traditionally, these berries are made out of real holly branches which are then individually wrapped in white paper to look like snow-covered shrubs. However, if you don’t have any real hollies growing near you or live in an apartment building where it would be difficult to find one at this time of year (or even indoors), artificial ones are also available for purchase at craft stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. You can also make them yourself by wrapping plain pinecones with ribbons tied into bows around both sides; tie another ribbon around one end so that it hangs down over its side like a bow tie; then add some red glitter glue dots along its length if desired!

Mix in fresh-cut white flowers like roses, lilies or chrysanthemums.
If you’re looking to add some colour to your Christmas wreath, try mixing white flowers like roses, lilies or chrysanthemums. White flowers are a great choice for winter wreaths because they give off a more elegant and classic look than colourful blooms. They can also be used to decorate churches during the holiday season—and they make beautiful wedding bouquets!

Pine cones make a nice accent.
Pine cones can be purchased at craft stores and used as a decoration on wreaths, ornaments, centrepieces and other Christmas decorations. If you want to go the extra mile, you can paint them with acrylic paint or spray painting to match your décor. You could also glue some pinecones into your Christmas wreath for added texture!

Spray the finished product with artificial snow to give it a frosted look.
Spray the finished product with artificial snow to give it a frosted look.
Spray the wreath evenly with a spray bottle or small paint brush. You can also sprinkle the artificial snow onto your Christmas wreath if you don’t have either of these tools readily available.

You can use flowers and greenery to create beautiful holiday decorations!
Flowers are inexpensive and easy to find. They’re a great way to add colour and life to a wreath, whether you choose live or artificial arrangements. When choosing your arrangements, remember that you’ll want them to match the colour scheme of your room or home. If you’re decorating for Christmas, consider using reds, greens, golds and whites—these colours will help give off the festive feeling we all look forward to during the holidays!

Don’t forget to pick up flowers for your Christmas wreath! We have some great ideas for what types of plants and greenery you should choose, as well as how to arrange them. To discuss your flower requirements please do get in touch with us!