The Best Summer Flowers For Your Home

Aug 4, 2021 | Flowers, Latest News

Starting a garden, or simply adding some colour to your kitchen or dining room with a display of flowers, the summer brings some of the brightest and beautiful flowers into bloom. 

Here are some of our top picks for the perfect summer flowers.


Need a flowering plant to grow up a trellis or fence? Mandevilla’s are a great option, and as long as they have some shade throughout the day, they should thrive throughout the summer.


Sometimes a single peony in a vase is more than enough to bring some extra life into a dull room. To keep yours looking their best, avoid overwatering and plant them in full sunlight.


Lavender is a classic summer flower and smells amazing! Also, it is easy to dry at home, which means you can have fragrant dried flowers throughout the colder months of the year as well.


It can seem like most summer flower are every shade of pink or red, but this golden flower offer a change. If you live somewhere with a hot and sun filled summer, these would be great flowers for your garden as they can endure high temperatures and constant sun exposure.


The Gardenia plant does very well outside in the hot summers. They can also be brought indoors as houseplants during the colder months if you don’t have year round warmth.


There are loads of different varieties of Lilies to choose from depending on which one you find the most beautiful.


This unique flower is ideal if you’re trying to grow taller stems during the summer Its bright colours and patterns add an individual and exotic feel to any house or garden.


Coming in shades of white, purple, blue and periwinkle, hydrangeas make a big impact with their close knit clusters. You can buy seeds for only single coloured hydrangeas or choose a mix to be surprised with an explosion of bright blooms.


There are different varieties of daises, but with the classic Gerber Daisy, it means you can produce many different coloured flowers.


The classic summer flower, the Sunflower. They love the sun and can grow up to 14 ft tall. Watching them bloom and develop over the summer season is a lot of fun to see how tall you can grow yours.

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